Like many Targeted Individuals have talked to (or local authorities in the TI's area) Gresham Police (was a Gresham Police Office that told me   I was a Targeted Individual which put me on the path to learning about this crime and what they where, are doing to me), Portland Police, Local FBI, Clackamas County Police. With the same results that most find. Not wanting to help, saying your mentally ill, you need help. I will say that learning the facts about the crime, whistleblowers, documents  helps when talk to authorities.

     I put a sign about Gangstalking, Targeted Individuals, Directed Energy Weapons on my auto, pass out flies when ever I can, wear shirt every time I go out, pass out business cards and built this website. Each person will deal and fight against it in there own way. I would like to see all TI's do same as me but it is up to you. I will post my efforts to help bring a stop to this crime for all of us!

Targeted Individual portion of our Website

Targeted Individuals Please fill out a Fill out SURVIVORS form for our DATA-BASE 

This is very important to our fight to build data



Passing out Fliers

For summer of 2017 we passed out over 7,000 fliers in Oregon

Plus we took packets of info to many mayor offices and police stations

Internet Gutter: Gangstalking

Responded to this article by sending documents to author and editor


Gang Stalking Exposed by Police: Hundreds Arrested for Spying on Unemployed Woman

responded > I would like to see some documentation to back this up please looks fake to me. Please prove me wrong. Thanks

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