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This video is inspiration for some TI'S -Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us



     It is important to make sure you are a Targeted individual first this is meant with no disrespect to anyone. The Gangstalking tactics and Directed Energy Weapons they used on Targeted Individual produce a SYNTHIC MENTAL ILLNESS. This is why people look at them as mentally ill. So use list below to help prove to you and others it is not mental illness. If you can not document any thing then get your self looked at, Gangstalking is meant to look like mental illness and some do just have mental illness.

This statement is so you take time make sure your a victim not just guessing.

90-second rule

     When a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there's a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop. Feel it for 90 seconds, figure it out, and let it go.

Items TI's might want to get.

  1. Home security system

  2. Video and sound recording for auto

  3. Audio recording device for home

  4. Video and audio pen recorder (writing pen type) or portable cam camera

  5. Note book and pen to keep journal

  6. Cell phone

Targeted Individuals - Document everything

  1. Keep a daily journal of what is going on (this help with keep your self together.

  2. Record any unusual sound they produce in your home, work, auto, etc.

  3. Put video camera in your auto. This well help you document when traveling. They cost about $40.00

  4. Drive different route each time when going places. If you see same license plates write them down keep a list. (only if see the plates multiple  time multiple days)

  5. Carry camera or pen camera to document perps. They do not like their pictures take.

  6. Gas lighting (moving thing around, breaking in when your gone). Install security system ($130.00 do your self + $56.00 1 TB hard drive), take picture before you leave and after you get home, leave more than one sound recorder going when gone.

  7. If you have the money have Private Investigator come check for signals, cameras, listen devices, etc.. Research who you hire (research shows some Private Investigators are involved in this crime)

  8. DO NOT JUST BE A VICTIM. Get out and live your life!

  9. Be proactive in bring awareness to the public about this crime. Pass out fliers, talk to people, listen, point people to websites, send email, etc. (know the facts this helps and people tend to not look at you like your crazy)


     They take a great deal of time to profile you (your life). Then time to program, sensitize you to their tactics. They repeat thins over and over to do this programing and sensitizing. So it is very important for you to deprogram your self to these. This is so you do not react to them.

example: If you drive down the road and at every corner they put red ball and make sure you notice it. They program you to see that red ball. So any time you see a red ball you will think they put it there, even if they did not. This is to make the illusion of more going on than there really is. The red ball is just example, but could be anything they use, person, auto, object, color, words(thing you have said or others around you have said) etc. (just about anything). This is why when you try and point thing out to family, friends, etc., they do not see what you do. They have not gone through the programing and sensitizing so they do not notice it.

  1. The use of drug may seem to help but only covers realty and opens your mind for attack.

  2. Keep your spirits up at all times. Sure your going to have good and bad days, but try bouncing back soon as you can. Anger is your enemy.

  3. Find some form of support. God,  Family member, Friend, targeted individual group, help line calls for targeted individuals, group targeted individual calls, if you have none search till you fine some type of support. They will work to remove forms of support from your life, DON'T LET THEM! 

  4. Gangstalkers or Perpetrators will be around often. Talking to them in a positive way and giving them a fliers may bring awareness to them about what they are involved in and doing. (most do not recommend talking to them, but showing they are not intimidated, can help the way you feel)

  5. As stated above they will do things over and over. Street theater, chasing around in auto's, repeating things you say, mobbing in area's, etc.. Looking at this as them entertaining you is a very good way to go about it. You own private team of performers just for you. Often thought of this as some games they played in high school.  (bulls, people seeking power over other, believe there better than others, etc.).

  6. Electronic harassment (noise or sounds) in home, work, auto, etc.. Play radio, wear head phones (listening to music, watch TV, while on computer, etc.), listen to white noise has helped some.

  7. Directed Energy Weapons used on you, research shows that they can target you almost anywhere and even when you are around others. This is a tuff one. There is many different weapons they can use on you. So finding out what will work for you could be hard. Would not jump into anything do your research. Start with low cost things to try and give time to work. Some Directed Energy Weapons may not be able to stop, but do not give up researching. If you have the money have Private Investigator come check for signals, cameras, listen devices, etc..  (research shows some Private Investigators are involved in this crime)

  8. They will recruit people you know, family, friend, neighbors, co-works etc. or make it look like they have. Ether case DO NOT GET UPSET. They where recruited with lies and that's what they base there actions on. Be positive offer your evidence you collected, give them fliers (bring awareness about this crime). Does no good to push the issue if some one does not want to listen.

  9. Proactive this helps many out. Bring awareness to others helps not just you, but helps other Targeted Individuals. Doing positive thing in any way helps to keeps ones spirits up. Remember there goal is to keep you down and destroy your life, do not let them.


      The Mind Connection: How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions - Reading this will help any targeted individual.

     If you are a victim of Gangstalking-Directed Energy Weapons it is a good idea to fill one of these out.  Click for PDF to print out or/plus add to online profiles if you like.

The mind Connection

Prayers for all



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