“Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.” ― Mark Twain


     First I would like to Thank You for taking the time to learn about this crime, your family member or friend is going through. You should know you learning about this means more to them than you will ever know to them. This program is designed so they lose family, friends, jobs and all hope for a normal life.


     Learning about this you will become aware of the torture a  Targeted Individual goes through 24-hours day/7days a week/365 days a year. This is a worldwide crime on humanity. Gangstalking (Groups of people/ground force part) and Directed Energy Weapons take a toll on the Targeted Individual which makes them have or seem mentally ill. The realty is this in a Synthetic Mental Illness which means it is man made not natural. The daily mental mind game a Targeted Individual is forced to go through is horrible. This crime ranks up there with Human Trafficking. A Targeted Individual fights each day to have a Normal Life. This is why you have seen so many changes in them. There are many laws(laws page) broken by the perpetrator's of this crime. Your family member or friend is not crazy or paranoid. They are going to have many ups and downs. They will want to talk about it a lot, this is one way of them dealing with what is going on. Looking daily for some way to protect them selves from Directed Energy Weapons and combat the effects it has on there body. Searching for some way to stop this crime. So one day there family, friends, pets and anything or one affected by this crime will be safe someday. You may not realize this but they are not just fighting for them selves but for the right of you and every human on the planet. By design this program meant to  make everyone doubt what there saying. An experiment to record how far they can be pushed, even to the point of mental break down, commit a crime or even suicide. 




    You reading this is the first steps to help them out. The support that you can give them is priceless. It will ease there daily fight and suffering. So they can work on putting life together again. When a tragedy happens family and friends stand beside each other to get them through it. They need that same support now so they will come out on top. Many of them turn to the Targeted Individual community to replace family and friends they lose do to this. They really need family, friends and everyone to be under standing. Take a minute to stop and thank about what they are going through. They are on the front lines of a horrible crime that is worldwide.  An open ear, kind heart, little support, some compassion, praise for cooping and love goes long ways in battle like this.


Please support them so they make it through this crime and help make the future better for all of US


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Targeted Individuals Please fill out a Fill out SURVIVORS form for our DATA-BASE 

This is very important to our fight to build data


Hot Line for Friends & Family of Targeted Individuals to call ask questions. The goal of this line is so you can have person to talk to about what you friend or family member is going through. They are not crazy but victims of a horrible crimes. Join us in helping them regain there lives so they can live once again. Thank you for your time to learn the truth. Leave message and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.                          (503)-482-4960